VGCCC reminds gambling venues to be vigilant over holiday season

VGCCC reminds gambling venues to be vigilant over holiday season

The VGCCC has reminded operators of their duty of care to customers.

Australia.- The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has issued a statement warning the gambling industry in Victoria of the responsibility to minimise gambling harm during the holidays.

It said: “With the increase in regional visitors during the holiday period, visits to gaming venues may also increase. Plan ahead to ensure you uphold your obligations to protect the community from gambling harm.”

The VGCCC shared a previous article of things to take into account. It said:

  • Venues need to ensure they have sufficient staffing levels to monitor for player distress and signs of gambling harm. A minimum of at least one Responsible Gambling Officer must be on the gaming floor at all times during operating hours, but should be increased to deal with increased visitation if required. Venues that believe they may be short-staffed should start recruiting additional staff as soon as possible.
  • Regional venues need to also prepare for the possibility that money launderers can use the influx of visitors over the holiday period to mask their criminal activity and fly under the radar.  

The commission also listed suspicious behaviour that may indicate money laundering: 

  • players cashing out credits with minimal or no game-play   
  • redeeming credits using different cashiers each time  
  • refusing or being reluctant to produce identification on request  
  • use of false identification  
  • customers arriving at a venue with substantial amounts of cash (no ATM use observed) 
  • customers becoming irate when questioned 
  • cash being used has a distinct or unusual odour or is in particularly poor condition  
  • customers approaching other patrons to purchase their winning tickets  
  • customers bringing in a large quantity of cash to be exchanged at the cashier for higher denominations   

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