The Philippines: 4 arrested over illegal casino operations

Those arrested are aged between 20 to 50.
Those arrested are aged between 20 to 50.

Police in Paranaque City have arrested three Chinese nationals and a Filipina woman who are accused of operating a gambling den.

The Philipines.- Three Chinese and a Filipina woman have been arrested in Paranaque City on suspicion of operating an illegal casino. They were arrested by officers of the Southern Police District (SPD) Special Operation Unit (DSOU), District Intelligence Division (DID), and Paranaque police Sub-Station 6.

Those arrested are aged between 20 to 50 and have been charged with violating PD 1602 as amended by RA 9287 (Illegal Gambling). Officers said the joint operation was carried out after they received a letter from homeowners asking them to intervene. Police said they arrived at the scene and confirmed illegal gambling activity was taking place.

According to the Manila Bulletin, police seized three fishing slot machines (a Philippine version of video Karera), money exchange machines, 74 slot machine game cards, 600 silver tokens, and 24 red steel chairs.

300 arrested over illegal cockfighting

Some 300 people have been charged with illegal gambling after a raid on a cockfighting pit in the town of Balingasag. Police said the suspects were arrested during a joint raid by police in the province and city of Saghmandangoa, Bahrain.

According to Manila Times, police seized money, 99 motorcycles, cars, 20 pieces of game fowl gaffs, 10 pieces of gaff scabbards, 13 dead fighting cocks and 27 live fighting cocks during the raid. Four minors were found during the raid and were handed over to their parents in the presence of city social workers for an intervention and transfer programme.

In March, police in Gapan City arrested 13 people for alleged involvement in illegal cockfights. In January, the superintendent of police (SP) Siddharth Kaushal reported that police had dismantled 52 arenas readied for cockfights in various parts of the district.

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