Thailand gambling ban fails as participation increases

Thailand gambling ban fails as participation increases

According to a new survey, Thailand gambling participation is on the rise unmasking gambling prohibition as an abject failure.

Thailand.- This Monday, Thai media reported on the results of a new gambling participation survey by the Research Centre for Social and Business Development. The survey, queried a total of 44,050 residents across 77 provinces aged 15+, showed that 57% of the population engaged in some form of gambling over the year.

The study highlighted that 2.4% of this year’s gamblers were between 15-18. 36.3% of them in the 19-25 bracket and around 42.2% were seniors (those aged 60+).

Football bets were the most popular gambling option, with annual turnover estimated at around € 4,8 billion. In addition, the so-called ‘underground lotteries’ generated € 4,6 billion. And the state-run lottery’s sales ranked no higher than third at € 4,5 billion. Card games were also popular among local gamblers.

Thailand’s gamblers have long complained about the unappealing government-approved lottery options, both in terms of prizes awarded and variety of games. The government has occasionally responded by vowing to boost the state-run lottery’s appeal through new products.

Thai authorities continue to crack down on operators serving gamblers without local permission. Last August, Thai authorities warned 3.3 million citizens that the safety of their personal information had likely been compromised. As a consequence of them gambling with internationally licensed online operators.

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