Thailand: 2 arrested for illegal online gambling

Police arrested two people in separate raids related to online gambling operations.

Thailand.- Two people who were running online gambling websites have been arrested in the provinces of Chiang Mai and Prachuap Khushi. According to police, they were arrested in separate raids in which officers seized THB3.7m, land purchase documents, eight mobile phones and two computers.

According to the Bangkok Post, the two suspects admitted to running an online gambling site for more than two years with a circulation of more than THB50m.

A few days ago, police raided operation centres for 16 online gambling sites in Nonthaburi province and arrested 10 people. Five men and five women were arrested. Police seized computers, monitors, mobile phones, five fingerprint scanners, internet equipment, four security cameras and computer accessories.

In March, representatives of the governments of Thailand and Cambodia met to sign a memorandum of understanding to tackle online gambling hub operators and call-centre scammers.

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office of Thailand said the agreement reflects the government’s increased efforts to crack down on scammers and online gambling on orders from Prime Minister Prayuth Prayut.

The spokesman said the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society was integrating its operations with other government agencies to crack down on call centre gangs and gambling sites. Over the past year, the collaboration has resulted in the arrest of as many as 6,348 suspects in 5,517 cases.

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