Thai House committee finishes study on casino legalisation

Thai House committee finishes study on casino legalisation

The report confirms legalisation as a possibility.

Thailand.- The Thai House of Representatives committee tasked with exploring the potential legalisation of entertainment complexes with casinos has concluded its study. It has suggested that legalisation could be possible.

According to the Bangkok Post, deputy finance minister Julapun Amornvivat, who chairs the committee, said that if the House approves the study, it will be forwarded to the cabinet for approval and implementation.

Sorawong Thienthong, secretary-general of the coalition-core Pheu Thai Party and vice chairman of the committee said the panel would propose the study to the House next week. Thienthong said that the main focus was on entertainment complexes in which casinos would not be the main focus.

He said the government would be responsible for issuing licences, tax collection, and imposing conditions on the location of the complexes, which would not be in proximity to Bangkok.

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