Sydney and Melbourne see record spend on online gambling

The new record was registered during recent lockdowns.
The new record was registered during recent lockdowns.

A report has revealed that recent lockdowns in the states of Victoria and New South Wales led to a rise in the amount spent on online gambling.

Australia.- A record amount of money was spent on online gambling in Sydney and Melbourne during recent Covid-19 lockdowns. According to a new report, spending on gambling websites in both cities rose 329 per cent above ordinary levels.

The figure is even higher than that seen during lockdowns in 2020, when spending rose 215 per cent over pre-pandemic levels. 

AlphaBeta and illion, two companies that track consumer spending in Australia, report that the average weekly spend on gambling rose from a base record of 100 preceding the lockdowns to 384.3 for the week that finished on September 19, 2021

The CEO of illion believes the rise was mostly due to the closure of casinos and pubs, which led Australians to look for other gambling options.

Tasmania introduces loss limits on pokie loyalty programmes

The Tasmania Liquor and Gaming Commission has introduced a new measure for members of slot loyalty programmes at Tasmania’s two land-based casinos.

Under the new rules, players must set annual rather than daily limits for losses and must declare their capability to financially sustain their losses. When a player reaches an annual loss limit, casino operators must deny access to the loyalty schemes and their associated benefits.

Jenny Cranston, who chairs Tasmania’s Liquor and Gaming Commission, said pokie players in Tasmania usually underestimate their losses. The measure aims to prevent regular players from losing more than they can afford.

However, MP Andrew Wilkie, an independent member of the Tasmanian House of Representatives, criticised the measure, arguing it instils an illusory sense of security. He said the limits would only help a small minority of gamblers and that the limit should be daily, not annual.

Megan Webb, an independent member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council, argued the measure should also cover pubs and the regular areas of the casino floor at land-based casinos.

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