Star Sydney casino workers urge NSW government to revise tax change

Star Sydney casino workers urge NSW government to revise tax change

Star casino workers have delivered a 1000-signature petition to NSW treasurer Daniel Mookhey.

Australia.- The United Workers Union (UWU) today delivered letters signed by 1,000 Star Entertainments workers to New South Wales treasurer, Daniel Mookhey, urging him to reconsider the proposed tax overhaul. 

The government plans to increase the top tax rate on casino gaming machines to 60.67 per cent, which is expected to raise an additional AU$364m (US$244.2m) over three years. However, the union argues that such a move could lead to job losses among Star Sydney’s 4,500 staff members.

Imogen Beynon, the UWU Casinos deputy director, said: “The Star Sydney jobs are good, stable, union jobs – with security, dignity on the job and fair wage rates and conditions. We want to make sure this doesn’t change.”

She said the proposed tax change would disproportionately affect gaming, cleaning, hospitality, and security staff. Workers are urging the NSW government to explore alternative approaches.

The tax hike was initially announced by the previous government in December, intending to align casino taxes with those imposed on hotels and clubs. Although the policy remains in place, Mookhey has been engaging in discussions with workers and management. 

The Star Entertainment Group has had financial difficulties, including due to fines in both Queensland and NSW, amounting to AU$100m, amid allegations of misconduct. It has also set aside AU$150m in anticipation of fines from the anti-money laundering agency AUSTRAC.

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