South Australia to increase casino fines

South Australia to increase casino fines

The government proposes significant casino law reforms following nationwide casino misconduct revelations.

Australia.- The government of South Australia has increased fines applicable to casino operators from a maximum of AU$100,000 to up to AU$75m (US$48.75m). The fines apply to disciplinary action taken by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. 

The maximum penalties for many criminal offences will also increase under the proposed laws. These include offences for failing to keep proper financial accounts, evading the payment of casino duty, and failing to take action specified in a compliance notice issued by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

The Malinauskas Labor government conducted a review of penalties following misconduct by operators in various states and civil action by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) against SkyCity Adelaide. It found many of them had not been substantially changed since their introduction in 1997.

SA consumer affairs minister Andrea Michaels said: “South Australia has a single casino licence holder and this is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. The state’s casino licence comes with a range of significant responsibilities and, given many of the penalties for non-compliance have not been changed in more than 25 years, now is the right time to modernise these laws and ensure our penalties reflect their serious nature.

“The penalties available to business operators cannot just be a slap on the wrist – or something that a multimillion-dollar business can simply disregard as an acceptable cost of doing business. These reforms will deliver what South Australians expect and ensure a greater level of accountability and responsibility in future.”

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