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Bloomberry boss says some businesses should reopen

Bloomberry boss says some businesses should reopen

Bloomberry Chairman Enrique Razon says that businesses that can test employees and transport them to work should be able to open.

Philippines.- The Chairman of Bloomberry Resorts has said that some businesses in the Philippines should be allowed to reopen during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Billionaire Enrique Razon claims that businesses that can test their employees for Coronavirus and bring them to work should be allowed to reopen.

The Philippines extended nationwide quarantine measures in the country until April 30, with a further extension expected to be announced by President Rodrigo Duterte later this week.

Businesses during this time period have been forced to closed under these strict measures.

In an interview with ABC, Razon said: “We are really, proverbially, between a rock and a hard place. It’s a tough choice. We let the economy die or we let the people die. It’s really a terrible choice to make.

“I think that areas where infections are down and businesses and industries who can handle opening, such as testing their own employees and transporting their own employees, even testing their customers for example or the public they deal with and even transporting themselves. I think that could be given a serious consideration.

“The one concern I really have is public transportation because we cannot allow this virus to freely move around society.”

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