Melco Resorts to provide a one month bonus to non-management employees

The company joins other casino operators who took the same decision.
The company joins other casino operators who took the same decision.

Melco Resorts has announced it will pay a special bonus before Chinese New Year.

Macau.- Melco Resorts & Entertainment has confirmed it will award all eligible non-management employees with a discretionary bonus.

The “special allowance” is equivalent to one month’s gross salary and will be paid before Chinese New Year.

Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, stated: “As demonstrated by the upcoming opening of Studio City Phase 2, Melco is fully committed to the city’s economic diversification – further contributing to Macau’s ongoing development as a world centre of leisure tourism.”

Similar packages were announced by the rest of Macau’s casino operators. Wynn Macau announced it will pay a special allowance, equivalent to one month’s salary, to 97.8 per cent of its 12,000 employees.

SJM Resorts SA revealed it will provide an “annual living subsidy” to eligible employees amounting to 2 months or 1.5 months of salary.

A few weeks ago, MGM China had confirmed that a one-time discretionary allowance was going to be paid to eligible non-management team members. According to the company’s statement, 95 per cent of staff were eligible for the reward.

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