Man jailed for illegally travelling to Macau to gamble

A local court granted the man a one-year reprieve.
A local court granted the man a one-year reprieve.

The Chinese made 39 trips to Macau for gambling by impersonating someone else.

China.- A man from Changsha city in Hunan province has been sentenced to five months in prison and fined CNY5,000 for repeatedly travelling to Macau to gamble. According to local media reports, the man, identified only as Dong, made 39 illegal trips in a span of six months.

To avoid needing to obtain visas for each visit, Dong assumed the identity of an employee from an e-commerce company. He spent MOP39,351 (US$4,886) to enlist the services of someone who handled visa applications for multiple round trips. However, he was eventually discovered by law enforcement and turned himself in.

The court granted him a one-year reprieve from the prison sentence due to his cooperation.

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