Macau to allow entry of foreign visitors

Macau entry restrictions have been relaxed a fraction.
Macau entry restrictions have been relaxed a fraction.

Foreign visitors will be allowed to return Macau via mainland China only provided they hold a visa from Chinese authorities.

Macau.- The Macau government has announced it will begin to allow entry of non-residents with certain requirements.

For now, Macau will only allow the entry of returning foreign visitors who travelled to mainland China from Macau with a visa issued by the Office of the Commissioner of the Foreign Ministry.

Visitors must return to Macau within the visa’s period of validity and must not have been anywhere outside mainland China or Macau in the previous 21 days.

Before this executive order, foreign visitors to Macau were limited to those deemed to serve a public interest such as disease prevention and control or emergency rescue, registered non-resident workers or students registered at a local institution.

Macau is still waiting for the return of e-visas. Meanwhile, authorities have announced that a negative Covid-19 test result will no longer be needed to enter Macau’s casinos.

Casino dealers have started to receive vaccination against Covid-19. So far, more than 15,000 residents of Macau have been vaccinated.

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