Macau eases entry measures for visitors from Hong Kong

Macau has lifted more Covid-19 restrictions to boost tourism.
Macau has lifted more Covid-19 restrictions to boost tourism.

Visitors from Hong Kong can now leave Macau to enter mainland China directly without a test or health code.

Macau.- Authorities in Macau have relaxed measures for visitors from Hong Kong who travel on to mainland China. In an effort to improve circulation between the two SARs and encourage multi-destination tourism, those entering Macau from Hong Kong will be permitted to then enter mainland China without needing to provide a negative nucleic acid test or show the Macau Health Code.

The measure applies from midnight tonight (March 14). A requirement is not to have travelled to Taiwan or other countries within seven days prior to departure. Those aged above three who have travelled to or resided in Taiwan or foreign countries will still be subject to quarantine requirements.

Macau had already eliminated the need for testing, but a seven-day period was required for individuals travelling to the mainland, and they had to go through a special manual inspection channel. This latest measure is part of the gradual opening-up of Macau and Hong Kong. Macau lifted its remaining mask mandates on February 27, and Hong Kong followed suit in March.

Neither city requires masks in most outdoor and indoor settings, including Macau’s casinos. The only exceptions are public transport, medical institutions, elderly homes, rehab facilities, and select public departments such as the courts.

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