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Macau cautious over Chinese New Year estimates

Macau has not evaluated yet the impact of the situation in Guangdong.
Macau has not evaluated yet the impact of the situation in Guangdong.

The Chinese government’s call for Guangdong residents to stay put will have consequences for Macau.

Macau.- Authorities are remaining cautions over estimates for numbers expected during Chinese New Year.

The Chinese government has requested that Guangdong residents do no travel during the New Year holiday, from February 11 to 17 inclusive, due to a rise in the number of Covid-19 infections.

The decision will impact on potential tourism to Macau, for which Chinese New Year is one of its main high seasons.

According to authorities, they do not have a specific forecast regarding the possible negative impact on visitor arrivals to the city.

During a regular press conference this week, a representative from the Macao Government Tourism Office said the body had “not come up with any estimate” on how the new advice might impact visitor numbers.

The tourism bureau’s Lau Fong Chi stressed that Chinese New Year was still a month away and the situation could change.

Lau said: “The most important thing is to keep the pandemic under control.”

Macau’s health and labour authorities have also called on locals and non-resident workers to avoid unnecessary travel during the Chinese New Year period.

Some large companies in Macau, including casino operators, have issued notices to their staff asking them to remain in the city during the holiday period, citing public health concerns.

Macau has recorded no cases of Covid-19 for 200 days.

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