Indian police officer accused of taking cut from illegal gambling operator

The police woman would charge the operator Rs20,000 a month.
The police woman would charge the operator Rs20,000 a month.

A woman police officer is accused of taking a cut of proceeds from an illegal casino.

India.- A police officer has been arrested on suspicion of requesting and accepting bribes from a man who was running a casino. She is accused of having received a monthly cut of the casino’s takings and of forcing the man to continue operating the casino.

Inspector Munni Parihar from Karnad Police Station in Agar Malwa district was arrested after Ritesh Rathore complained that she had forced him to continue operating the venue to give her a monthly commission of Rs20,000.

According to The Times of India, Rathore claims he started running a casino in 2021 after his food business suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parihar would charge him Rs20,000 a month to allow the venue to keep going. But she then forced him to continue running the operation to pay her the bridge when he wanted out.

Police said: “She had demanded Rs 29,000 from the complainant, comprising Rs 20,000 for the current month and Rs 9,000 from last month.”

A few days ago, Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) officers in Komadi arrested two people who were allegedly members of a cricket betting gang. Officers reportedly confiscated the bank accounts of the two defendants, which contained around £12,000, an ATM card and two mobile phones, which they handed over to Maduravada police for further investigation.

A week ago, police in Jalandhar arrested six people on charges of betting during an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match. In a raid at the Urban Estate Phase I area, officers seized a suitcase having 19 mobiles, five laptops and chargers and three WiFi setups among other electronic items and Rs 1,300.

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