Indian police arrest two for cheating at cards using contact lenses and QR codes

A similar case was uncovered by the Bengaluru Central Crime Branch in 2020.
A similar case was uncovered by the Bengaluru Central Crime Branch in 2020.

The pair are accused of using high-tech methods to win games.

India.- Two men have been arrested in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, for alleged involvement in some very sophisticated cheating at card games. The scam allegedly made use of special contact lenses and microchips to scan rival players’ cards to get the upper hand in games.

Those arrested allegedly put QR codes on cards that a nano chip was able to read in order to reveal opponents’ hands. The two men are also said to have used spy cameras to monitor games being played at other tables. Information was then fed through an earpiece, instructing one of the men to approach particular tables.

The lenses used are available online, and police have reportedly tracked down locations for the manufacturer in Delhi and Rajkot. Police are investigating a possible link to a case from 2020 that involved a man named Imran bin Ismail.

Men arrested in connection with murder linked to gambling debts

Police have arrested two alleged illegal bookkeepers, Vishal Amrale, 35, and Lahu Mane, 40, on suspicion of being involved in the kidnapping and death of a 32-year-old man from Pune. Officers believe the man owed them money for cricket betting.

According to the Indian Express, the victim, Nikhil Chandrashekhar Anbule, told his wife he had been kidnapped and would not be released until he paid the sum he owed. His wife told the police a friend of her husband said Chandrashekhar Anbule had been abducted and taken in a car in the Ambegaon area on the night of November 15. 

Family members are said to have transferred Rs 28,000 to Nikhil’s account. A short time later, Nikhil returned home and collapsed, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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