India: 30 arrested in Goa for alleged illegal gambling

Residents in Ponda complained of Matka gambling operations.
Residents in Ponda complained of Matka gambling operations.

The arrests were made after chief minister Pramod Sawant ordered action against illegal gambling.

India.- Goa police are reported to have arrested approximately 30 people in a series of operations targeting alleged illegal gambling. Police said ten cases were registered in North Goa and 20 cases are in South Goa.

The arrests come after Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant promised action following public concerns about gambling in the temple town of Ponda. A resident had raised concerns about matka gambling in public spaces and a resurgence of mini-casinos despite previous raids.

Sawant had pledged to take action in any location where gambling was taking place. While matka gambling has shifted from physical kiosks to digital platforms to an extent, some operations continue in close proximity to government offices and Ponda police station.

A few weeks ago, police in Ponda raided a shop where they claim to have found an illegal online gambling venue. One man was arrested. 

During the raid, police seized Rs 2.05 lakh (US$$3,141.72) in cash and various gaming accessories. According to Herald Goa, the illicit establishment had been operating discreetly, evading detection until parents reported their children’s financial losses.

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