India: 13 arrested in connection with scam involving betting app Fairplay

The men were arrested on suspicion of fraud, gambling, and criminal conspiracy.
The men were arrested on suspicion of fraud, gambling, and criminal conspiracy.

The arrests were made in Amritsar, Punjab.

India.- Thirteen people have been arrested in the city of Amritsar for allegedly conducting illegal online gambling via the mobile application Fairplay. Police say those arrested, aged between 18 and 36, tricked people into placing large bets on sports such as cricket and football.

Officers conducted a raid following tipoffs from residents and seized 17 mobile phones, three Wi-Fi modems and five laptops. Anil Kumar Jatta, a commerce graduate, is accused of masterminding the operation.

The police arrested the 13 men on suspicion of fraud, gambling, and criminal conspiracy under Sections 420, 120-B of IPC, Section 7 (3) of the Lottery Regulation Act, Sections 3, 4, 13 of the Gambling Act and 66 (D) of the IT Act at the Airport police station. Fairplay was launched in 2019 and is India’s first certified sports betting exchange.

Indian police arrest two for cheating at cards using contact lenses and QR codes

Earlier this week, two men were arrested in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, for alleged involvement in some very sophisticated cheating at card games. The scam allegedly made use of special contact lenses and microchips to scan rival players’ cards to get the upper hand in games.

Those arrested allegedly put QR codes on cards that a nano chip was able to read in order to reveal opponents’ hands. The two men are also said to have used spy cameras to monitor games being played at other tables. Information was then fed through an earpiece, instructing one of the men to approach particular tables.

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