India: 11 arrested for illegal gambling

India: 11 arrested for illegal gambling

Police in Nelamangala have arrested 11 people who were allegedly illegally gambling at a house.

India.- Police have raided a house in Nelamangala and arrested eleven people suspected of illegal gambling. Two of those arrested allegedly attacked the town circle inspector and other staff during the raid. The Deccan Herald reported that one of the accused is a regional party worker.

Police say they received information that between 10 and 15 people were gambling at a house near the Kote Maramma temple in Nelamangala Town. Inspector AV Kumar says he was injured when the main suspect attacked him in anger at the police raiding his home.

During the raid, police seized five bicycles. A suspected has been charged with several offences including attempted murder.

A few days ago, a raid was carried out at a farmhouse in Peddakanjerla village and ended with the arrest of 19 people who were allegedly involved in illegal cockfighting.

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