Gambling down in Belarus

According to gambling authorities in Belarus, the number of casinos and slot machines has declined in the past four years.

Belarus.- The gambling industry in Belarus has experienced a setback in recent years, as the number of gambling facilities has declined. Chairman of a gambling organisation in Belarus, Alesia Pakhomenko, said that in the last four years five casinos have closed.

Pakhomenko said that the number of casinos and halls in Belarus has declined in the last four years. Four years ago, there were 133 betting points, while in 2019 the country registers only 57.

Despite the decline in the number of gambling facilities in Belarus, gambling taxes have increased in recent years. In the last four years, taxes paid by operators rose 15%, while fixed rates on cash registers of betting shops increased by 202%, slot machines 47% and gaming tables by 30%.

Alexey Marchenko, member of the Association for the Development of Gambling, said that Belarus shouldn’t worry on casinos closing in the territory. He said that even though some facilities are closing, others are opening in luxury hotels.

Belarus improves sports betting ads scheme

The Parliament of Belarus has recently adopted amendments to the Law on Advertising. The authority approved the rules in its first reading and will pave the way for the approval of sports betting ads in Belarus.

The amendment, which was an initiative of the Belarusian Hockey Federation, allows sports betting ads on television and radio. The Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Advertising” established a prohibition of advertising of gambling establishments and gambling on TV and radio from 7 am to 10 pm in buildings of sports education.

The approval also allows bookmakers to advertise during contests, lotteries, games, promotional and gaming events.

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