China launches major operation on illegal online gambling in Cambodia

China has launched a major illegal online gambling operation in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville region

Cambodia.- Last Tuesday, Chinese authorities set in motion a “large-scale multinational” online gambling operation in its neighbouring country. As a result, authorities claim to have busted betting systems engaging with over 1,2 million bettors; worth approximately €3,9 billion.

The illegal ring was based in the Cambodia seaside region of Sihanoukville. The operation run by the local police of the Chinese province of Jiangxi, arrested about 200 members of the operational.

Cambodia’s recent decision to end its online gambling licensing regime earlier this year has resulted in an exodus of Chinese nationals from Sihanoukville.

As a result, China has agreed to part take in dedicated “discussions on grants to support development” of non-gaming business ventures in the city of Sihanoukville.

Recently at ASEAN conference in Bangkok, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced this extra funding following dialogue with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Furthermore, the Prime Minister said China, which strongly supports Cambodia’s online gambling restriction, expressed its support for development projects in the region to help offset the blow to Sihanoukville’s economy.

Lastly, China has been stepping up its cooperation with other Asia-Pacific nations; in combating illegal gambling and other illicit cyber activities.

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