Cambodia: authorities blocked 79 illegal online gambling websites

Cambodia banned online gambling last year.
Cambodia banned online gambling last year.

Authorities in Cambodia have blocked more illegal online gambling websites.

Cambodia.- The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia has reported it has blocked 79 websites for offering illegal online gambling services. The regulator stated it will continue working with the General Commissariat of National Police of the Ministry of the Interior to tackle illegal gambling sites.

Last week, a joint report from the US Department of State, US Department of the Treasury and US Department of Commerce expressed concerns about the risk of money laundering and other financial crimes in Cambodia.

According to the advisory note, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported that between 2014 and 2019, Cambodia’s casino licences increased by 263 per cent, although the government’s 2020 online gambling ban limited this growth.

Cambodia is still “graylisted” by the FATF, although the body has said that Cambodian authorities have recognised problems related to new casinos and other commercial enterprises in Sihanoukville, where most of the casinos are located. 

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