A year in review: MegaPari’s marketing achievements in 2023

A year in review: MegaPari’s marketing achievements in 2023

MegaPari’s team granted an exclusive interview to Focus Gaming News, divided in three parts to discuss all of their achievements over the year.

Exclusive interview.- At the end of this year, MegaPari published an extensive three-part material in which the team discussed all of their achievements over the year. The first part of the articles featured an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, where MegaPari’s team evaluated the work done this year and began outlining priorities for 2024. In this interview, the marketing team from MegaPari will discuss their achievements and strategies in the marketing sector. 

The company was recognized by the industry members as it won and was nominated to several awards during 2023. What importance does the company give to these recognitions? And how does it influence the growth of MegaPari?

Indeed, throughout 2023, we garnered 25 nominations from esteemed agencies such as Sigma.World, EGR.Global, and SBC, specifically in prestigious categories like “Sportsbook of the Year” and “Casino of the Year”. It holds significant importance for us to ascertain that MegaPari’s selection ensued from an unbiased judging process. This recognition not only validates our efforts in the eyes of players and partners but also underscores acknowledgment from the industry’s most reputable representatives.

MegaPari prioritizes its reputation, and even established a specialized department overseen by the Head of PR and Reputation. How does it work?

We believe that customers deserve special attention when communicating with a brand. Customers’ queries are being solved by different departments at once. For example, our support teams are trained to handle queries on account settings, bonus systems, payment and transaction-related questions etc. They are trained to help as many people as possible during a shift. While sufficient knowledge of project information and a rich script database ensure a high conversion of customers’ queries resolution, MegaPari is also focused on customer satisfaction which can be evaluated through various rating platforms like Trustpilot.

Firstly, these websites serve as a valuable source of analytics, helping us identify our strengths and areas for improvement. Secondly, our reputation managers undergo additional training on reputation management, allowing them to have a comprehensive understanding of each case and act as mediators between all involved teams in resolving customer queries.

Finally, by implementing a dedicated reputation strategy, we have the opportunity to address customers’ concerns once again and demonstrate our genuine care. Looking ahead to 2023, this strategy, overseen by our Head of PR and Reputation, has proven its effectiveness throughout the year, earning us notable nominations such as the “Helping Hand” at the LCB.org Awards 2023, “The Most Effective Handling of Complaints” at the Casino Guru Awards 2023, and the “Responsible Gaming 2023” at the Sigma Europe Awards 2023.

MegaPari has a strong presence on social networks. What importance is given by the company to this interaction and how does it contribute to the positioning of the brand?

Our primary aim in developing social media channels is to create an active gaming community for players, where they can discuss interesting matches or new promotions. In addition to world wide channels in Instagram, Telegram and Twitter, MegaPari is actively expanding local social media channels in countries like India, Brazil, Argentina, and others.

We believe that presence on social media is key for player interaction. Beyond events for players such as giveaways or industry news, our main aim is to position ourselves as a brand that narrows the gap between a brand and its players.

What are the main difficulties encountered in positioning the brand and making it stand out in such a competitive and varied industry?

When it comes to positioning our brand in the competitive iGaming industry, we prioritize high-quality analytics and services. The integration of market analytics and AI empowers us to make informed decisions regarding our offerings. For instance, our proficient analytics and product teams thoroughly study the target market throughout our journey, ensuring fraud prevention and efficient financial streams. 

Simultaneously, we dedicate significant efforts to our HR strategy, enabling us to recruit professional heads of affiliate teams and regional managers who consistently deliver outstanding performance in driving traffic to the platform. Additionally, we bolster both the MegaPari main brand and MegaPari Partners affiliate program with comprehensive PR and reputation management strategies, monitoring our public presence and employing tools to prevent player and partner churn.

In 2023, MegaPari ramped up its user support and engagement strategies. How important is it to bridge the gap between the brand and its users?

As we already mentioned our efforts in support, reputation management and social media marketing, we would like to talk about the MegaPari Retention team which has doubled in size this year. The team’s primary focus is to meet the specific needs and preferences of local markets. We have introduced promotions such as “Indonesia Independence Day” and “Diwali Holiday” to celebrate and respect our audience’s culture and beliefs.

In 2024, we will support more of these significant events which allow us to show our audience that we value their traditions and strive to provide exactly what they desire.

The third interview will be dedicated to discussing MegaPari’s plans for 2024. If you’re keen on becoming an affiliate, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]. For collaboration proposals, contact at [email protected]. MegaPari looks forward to exploring new partnerships and continuing the journey of growth and innovation in the coming year.

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