US may ban state regulated online gambling

The US Attorney General said that he’s considering introducing a federal ban on state regulated online gambling all across the country.

US.- Jeff Sessions. US Attorney General, revealed that he’s analysing a federal ban to prohibit state regulated online gambling in the United States. As reported by the Huffington Post, the official is considering the measure even if he lacks the public support.

The National Governors Association also opposed the federal ban as they consider that it wouldn’t be a good move. Despite that negative response, there’s a lobbying group that is currently trying to restore the America’s Interstate Wire Act that would outlaw internet gaming in the US. There are several states with legal processes on the run to overrule PASPA, which establishes that only a few states can legalise sports betting. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the only states that have introduced and regulated online gaming in the country.

New Jersey is also involved in a case that would repeal the federal injunction established in the industry through PASPA and if succeeded, it would allow sports betting legalization on a federal level. State Senator Ray Lesniak said that he’s confident that the Court will come to the decision of whether to consider the case or not by the end of June.