IR debate could be delayed again in Japan

Japan IR Implementation Bill

The IR Implementation Bill was approved. Credits:

The opposition claims the government should pay attention to weather problems causing fatalities.

Japan.- Japan’s weather problems have caused 200 fatalities in the last week around the country and the officials against a casino legalisation are pushing to stop the debate as they argue that the government should not pay attention to gaming regulations at the moment. Therefore, the debate of Integrated Resorts Bill could be delayed once again.

However, this Tuesday began the debate within the Cabinet Committee of the House of Councillors although the opposition lawmakers also set several protests over the meeting. The opposition demanded the government to declare a national emergency and particularly stop the debate on gaming legalisation.

For several months, Japan has been debating the arrival of the casino industry through the passage of the integrated resorts (IR) implementation bill. After the current Diet session got extended, the bill seems to be closer to turn into Law than ever, specially after recent developments at the parliament.

Meanwhile, the way has been cleared for the IR Implementation bill to be finally outlined and voted on. The final day on the parliament is expected to be July 19th, when the proposed legislation would be voted and, hopefully, approved just before the session finally ends.

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