The oriental culture and its impact on online casino games

Oriental-themed casino games are very popular around the world.
Oriental-themed casino games are very popular around the world.

As the Chinese New Year is less than a month ahead, Endorphina shares some of its Asian themed slot games to enjoy with the atmosphere of lanterns, fireworks, red envelopes and more.

Press release.- Even for those who have never been to Southeast Asia or can’t point it out on a world map, Japan is universally associated with the magic of cherry blossoms and distinctive music, captivating anime, traditional tea ceremonies and tasty sushi. 

Meanwhile, China has won hearts with its charming dragon-themed patterns and picturesque Lantern Festival.

Most of the modern cultural symbols of Japan and China still have a long history. Centuries ago, one of the most popular entertainments in Asia was a kind of lantern show in which colourful painted panels moved across a projection screen.

During the 1980s and 1990s, authentic Asian films and series were popularised and exported worldwide and won numerous international awards.

The extraordinary creativity of oriental culture reveals its huge influence on Endorphina and other Asian-themed online slots such as Geisha, Ninja, Origami, Red Panda and Chunjie.

All of them were designed with Asia-loving players in mind and successfully introduced to the leading international casino operators. 

The secret of these slots’ popularity is simple: oriental-themed casino games are so incredibly enchanting and colourful that their influence on online gambling is impossible to ignore. 

To start living the Chinese New Year, Endorphina lists some of the most popular oriental-themed casino games:

Geisha slot game immediately strikes the players with its mysterious oriental atmosphere, refined in sepia and brown tones. 

Traditional Japanese music, oil-paper umbrellas and coins, light pink petals gently blowing across the screen – all of these elements deliver an unforgettable gaming experience, similar to the actual visit into the land of the rising sun. 

The Ninja slot by Endorphina takes the players to that thrilling film world of the 1980s. By that time, the ninjas were highly involved in espionage, combat techniques, etc. And the Ninja appearing in a 3D-animated explosion became an inspiring hero for all men for many years.

Origami game is the Japanese art of paper folding that makes life much more colourful and vivid. It is also the name of an Asian-themed slot from Endorphina. 

The players enjoy discovering the basic origami models while playing this online game. Even small kids learn how to transform the paper in one sitting.

The incredibly cute panda represents a national symbol of China. And in the Little Panda slot game, it bears big wins as well. Players enter the lush magical forest, where cuddly and enchanted Chinese bears live and bring luck. 

Chunjie slot is another Chinese-inspired casino game that significantly contributes to the popularity of Chinese New Year. 

It features traditional Chinese symbols along with a joyful setup and glorifies the flying golden dragon, as well as many more captivating elements, including the effect of pulsating light, exotic colours and the sound of Chinese music. 

Nowadays, this increasing Japanese and Chinese influence means that online casino slots with Asian themes keep pursuing a closer association with it.

That wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as the combination of these two popular topics of entertainment can only mean success for both – with the entire iGaming industry continuing to produce even more Asian-themed casino games today!

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