Spain fights match-fixing

The investigation into match-fixing and illegal gambling in Spain resulted in another ten arrests this week.

Spain.- Spanish authorities are strengthening the campaign against illegal gambling and match-fixing. Ten suspects linked to match-fixing were arrested this week at the Huesca football club. Among those arrested, there are team representatives, players and coaches.

According to investigations by the Spanish National Police and the Police Gambling Control Brigade, the threats happened in 2017. It is suspected that Huesca paid to enter the playoffs to play in the country’s First Division.

Spain against match-fixing

The sports betting market in Spain will collaborate to stop the reported threats around sports leagues. As confirmed by the local press, the professional leagues and sports betting operators will work together on a plan to curb match-fixing.

The software Tyche will be in charge of this initiative, “which helps by investigating information from different media, as well as from social networks, amateur forums and betting oscillations, relating it to what is happening during the game,” El Confidencial reported.

“The program sends an alarm when it detects strange behaviour, but then we have to analyse the information and check if there are reasons to suspect,” said Alfredo Lorenzo, a member of the group of researchers created by La Liga and one of the discoverers of the Pizarro operation of UVED.

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