Philippines: 39 arrests for illegal gambling

Police carried out a series of raids on Saturday.
Police carried out a series of raids on Saturday.

The arrests were made in a series of raids carried out by police in different cities on Saturday.

The Philippines.- Police in Central Luzon made arrests in a series of raids carried out on Saturday. Officers made 12 arrests for alleged illegal poker gaming during a raid in Barangay Saguin. Meanhile, five people were arrested by Angeles City Police for allegedly playing illegal card games in Barangay Malabanias.

According to Sun Star, police in Tarlac arrested 20 people involved in quajo games in various operations across the province. while two Cara y Cruz players were arrested in Marilaw, Bulacan. During the operations, police seized playing cards and cash totalling PHP19,405.

A few days ago, police arrested 23 people in a series of raids to crack down on illegal gambling in Central Luzon. In Bulacan province, five people were arrested after police found them allegedly playing “Pusoy”. Another 10 people were arrested while allegedly playing poker and card games in Concepcion, San Miguel and Banban in Taras province.

Another raid was carried out in the province of Zambales, ending with the arrest of eight people who were allegedly involved in illegal gambling operations. During the raids, police seized a total of PHP5,857 and playing cards.

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