NSW Court dismisses banned gambler’s case against The Star Sydney

The plaintiff will have to pay The Star's legal costs.
The plaintiff will have to pay The Star's legal costs.

A woman had sued The Star for banning her without a reason.

Australia.- The New South Wales Supreme Court has ruled in favour of The Star Sydney in a case in which a woman accused the casino operator of banning her, withdrawing her membership for no reason and making misleading statements to the police. Kim Nguyen claimed she received a verbal ban in April 2021 but did not contest it at the time due to the Covid-19 pandemic and family issues.

She said she was also banned from working as a tour operator at the casino. She aimed to win back AU$950,000 (US$659,600) that she lost at the casino. However, the Court dismissed the case and ordered her to pay The Star’s legal costs.

According to local media reports, Associate Justice Joanne Harrison said: “This court is prohibited by legislation from granting relief in relation to an exclusion order.”

She said Nguyen had been repeatedly advised that she did not have a cause and turned down the opportunity to seek legal advice.

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