Macau: tourism to grow beyond casino’s activities

The MGTO delivered a masterplan to promote Macau’s attractions but not involving gaming facilities, in order to grow in new visitors

Macau.- Macau is one of the most relevant casino travel destinations in the world, compared and many times surpassing Las Vegas. Although it is considered the bedrock of Macau’s tourism, the government is trying to promote other products in order to attract new visitors. 

According to the city’s tourism bureau (MGTO), the plan markets only non-gaming tourism. Promotion of casino services is in any case illegal within the jurisdiction of mainland China, Macau currency draws most of its visitors from there. Under Macau’s own legal system, direct promotion of gaming is not permitted.

The authorities focused instead on promoting Macau’s singular East-meets-West heritage. Also, on diversifying Macau’s economy beyond high-stakes gambling.

“Among the 69 short-term (0-5 years) action plans, 67 of them have unfolded with relevant tasks under follow-up, while 56 of them have been accomplished to reach the targeted goals,” stated the Macao Government Tourism Office.

This short-term steps, published for the first time in September 2017, involved “water sightseeing programmes”, the expansion of the city’s Grand Prix Museum on Macau peninsula, the revitalisation of Macau’s Wine Museum, “unique cultural performances and festivals”, and a diversity of “accommodation options”.

Tourism office predicted that the annual aggregate non-gaming spending by visitors to Macau would rise to between €10.8 billion and €12.7 billion in 2025.

The use of “innovative technology” as well as the development of the local legal framework related to tourism, and to “enhance Macau’s position as a core tourism city in the regional and international tourism community”, are other objectives to be reached with this plan.

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