Macau Satellite casinos: three-year grace period could be extended

Macau wants to end the current sub-concession system under new gaming laws.
Macau wants to end the current sub-concession system under new gaming laws.

The Legislative Assembly committee analysing the final draft of Macau’s gaming law amendment bill has hinted that satellite casinos could receive more than three years to resolve ownership issues.

Macau.- Macau authorities are considering extending the three-year grace period proposed to allow satellite casinos to resolve ownership issues. Macau’s proposed new regulatory regime will require any casinos operating in the city to be established on assets owned by gaming operators.

Legislator Chan Chak Mo has previously said the start of the period for transition would coincide with the start date of the city’s new gaming concessions, which will be awarded following a new public tender, expected in the last quarter of the year.

The issue is one of the most controversial proposals in the gaming law amendment bill, with several lawmakers and industry stakeholders warning it could mean job losses in the gaming industry.

Chan Chak Mo said: “We don’t want anyone to become unemployed because of this. That’s why the three year grace period was provided to reduce this impact. Maybe some people think three years is not sufficient. Legislators asked if the period could be increased to five years. The government did not say if it would do so, just consider.”

There are currently 18 satellite casinos in Macau operating under licences attached to one of the six casino concessionaires but run by third parties in individually owned premises.

Authorities have confirmed the extension of the current gaming concessions and sub-concessions for six months. New 10-year franchises following the tender are expected to begin at the start of 2023.

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