Macau could ease Covid-19 restrictions

Govt will loosen restrictions in order to get tourism recovery.
Govt will loosen restrictions in order to get tourism recovery.

Chief Executive says that if there are a further ten consecutive days without any new cases, restrictions could be lifted.

Macau.- Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said that after ten days without any new Covid-19 cases reported, authorities could consider easing the current entry restrictions.

“At this stage, we’re still analysing the pandemic situation […] We’ve followed the development of the pandemic and at this moment no new cases have been reported for 12 consecutive days, either imported or local […] If we have 10 consecutive days with no new cases maybe we can have a new decision,” the Chief Executive stated.

“Currently only three hotels are being used for medical observations and the residents who wanted to return to Macau have all done so, therefore we’re in a more stable situation, as Zhuhai is, with no new imported cases. Both cities strictly controlled the entries in the city”.

Since March 25, local authorities implemented a ban on entry into the territory by residents of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have been in any other country or region in the previous 14 days, with anyone coming from outside Greater China not allowed to enter the city.

However, non-resident ‘blue card’ workers wishing to enter Macau SAR and who have visited regions in Mainland China defined as being of high risk in the 14 days prior to their entry still have to undergo medical observation for 14 days in Zhuhai.

The Guangdong provincial government has also imposed a mandatory quarantine for all arrivals from outside of mainland China, including Macau and Hong Kong residents who are subject to a 14-day quarantine and Coronavirus testing.

“We have had some meetings with Guangdong authorities but until a consensus is reached I can’t announce any concrete measure. Only after the joint group for the three sides [Mainland, Macau and Hong Kong] we could provide more information on the matter,” Ho added.

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