Jeju Dream Tower: US$3.6m in gaming revenue in first 20 days

The Jeju Dream Tower casino opened its doors on June 11.
The Jeju Dream Tower casino opened its doors on June 11.

From opening on June 11 until June 30, the Jeju Dream Tower casino saw gaming revenue of KRW4.2bn (US$3.6m) while net casino sales stood at KRW3bn.

South Korea.- The Jeju Dream Tower casino has revealed it achieved KRW4.20bn (US$3.6m) in gaming revenue between June 11 and June 30.

The VIP segment recorded KRW2.22bn in revenue while mass table play reached KRW1.92bn. Revenue from slots and other games was KRW58.6bn. VIP rolling chip volume was KRW18.22bn and mass table drop was KRW14.11bn.

Analysts at Hana Financial Investment predict net casino sales for the third quarter of the year will reach nearly KRW15bn. Analysts believe daily gaming revenue could soon reach KRW300m and that total sales will reach KRW47.0bn during the third quarter.

That depends largely on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and measures imposed by the government. Authorities on Jeju Island have tightened social-distancing protocols to “Level 4” until August 30.

In July, Lotte Tour Development announced it will expand its casino staff by two hundred employees in order to ensure good casino management. The casino operator said it would hire employees in different areas, including for the casino floor, accounting, security, marketing, IT and gift shop.

Jinhee Kim, Lotte Tour Development’s executive vice president of human resources, said: “With the operation of an additional 850 rooms in the second half of the year, we have decided to secure additional manpower, focusing on local talent.”

The Jeju Dream Tower casino has 5,367 square metres (57,770 sq. feet) of gaming floor. It has 141 game tables offering five types of games, 190 slot machines, and 71 electronic gaming machines. It also includes an ETG master table. The previous venue had 27 tables and 51 machines.

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