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Jeju casino receives transfer permission from governor

Lotte Tour Development Company’s request to relocate its Jeju casino is closer to approval.
Lotte Tour Development Company’s request to relocate its Jeju casino is closer to approval.

Before Jeju Dream Tower casino can open there will be a period of inspection that could take at least a month.

South Korea.- There’s more good news for Lotte Tour Development Co. After the Standing Committee of Jeju Provincial Council approved its Jeju Dream Tower casino, Won Hee-ryong, governor of the Jeju Special Self-governing Province has signed off on the relocation of Jeju casino to US$1.4bn new venue.

Now, all that remains an inspection of the new facilities that might require a month to be conducted.

The Jeju Dream Tower that will host the Jeju Casino has already been through a Casino Impact Study Assessment which granted a “suitable” assessment to the scheme in August 2020.

The Standing Committee of the Jeju Provincial Council attached nine conditions for the Jeju Dream Tower scheme, including an obligation to produce “detailed” plans regarding donations to local communities.

The council also ordered that 80 per cent of all jobs created at the Jeju casino must be for locals, including young people.

The scheme’s promoters should also produce proactive plans on educational opportunities for locals and for tackling crime.

A local citizens’ group had claimed that official public opinion surveys were manipulated, but a tourism official from the Jeju government said nothing unusual had been found.

Jeju Dream Tower and Casino

Aside from the casino, Jeju Dream Tower includes a 1,600-room Grand Hyatt hotel, 14 restaurants and bars, a shopping mall, an outdoor pool, two spas and a top-floor skydeck lounge.

The project includes an expansion of the permissible casino area from 1,175 square metres (12,648 sq. feet) to 5,367 sq. metres.

The Dream Tower foreigner-only casino will have 150 tables offering five types of table game, 90 slot machines, and 70 electronic gaming machines.

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