Japanese casino regulations aim to eliminate organised crime


Japan’s casino industry looks set to be the most strictly controlled industry in the country under the new casino regulations.

Japan.- The Japan Casino Regulatory Commission (JCRC) posted new regulations on April 2 confirming details such as which games would be allowed, the definition of casino floor space, and issuance of credit.

One major goal of the new casino regulations is to tackle organised crime.

Joji Kokuryo, general director of the consultant Bay City Ventures has published a detailed analysis of the regulations in which he says that the commission is determined to stop any chance of organised crime entering the new industry.

He said: “The process in Japan is based on the Nevada licensing concession procedures with an emphasis on exclusion of organized crime. The same requirements also apply to casino-related service and product suppliers such as gaming machine suppliers.”

Under the IR Implementation Law’s standards for casino licensing, every operator and major stakeholder needs to comply with “social credibility rules”.

People and companies that own 5 per cent or more in any consortium will face strict background investigations.

Kokuryo also said it is possible new regulations may come soon, especially one that focuses on player protection.

He said: “There will certainly be additional regulation on topics such as secure data protection and elaboration on things such as the further detailed categorization of gambling addiction prevention, gambling addiction treatment, responsible gaming and player protection.”

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