Japan remains number 1 gaming machines market

There were 7.4m authorised machines worldwide in 2019.
There were 7.4m authorised machines worldwide in 2019.

The number of machines fell in Australia and New Zealand, the other two large markets for EGMs, last year.  

Japan.- The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) has released its annual World Count of Gaming Machines report.

Based in Australia, the NGO has been conducting the study since 1999. The latest edition reports that the number of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) worldwide increased by just 0.39 per cent since 2018.

The total count of gaming machines installed last year was 7,431,125, with Japan again being the country with the largest number (4,195,930). The country has held the top position for the last decade.

Japan is followed by the US, with over 900,000 EGMs in 2019, Italy (407,267), Germany (245,000) and Spain (212,153).

Australia was estimated to have 192,800 machines in 2019, down 3,501 from 2018. New Zealand has only 17,912 electronic gaming machines, down by around 600.

The Philippines has 21,433 EGMS, Cambodia 4,495 and Macau 17,009. Singapore has 6,200, South Korea 4,309, Malaysia 3,000 and Vietnam with 2,656. India holds a reported 975 machines and Thailand barely over 500.

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