Indonesian police to meet with Interpol over online gambling

Indonesian police to meet with Interpol over online gambling

Officers will meet with Interpol agents in Laos this week.

Indonesia.- The head of the International Relations Division of the National Police, inspector general Krishna Murti, has announced that Indonesian police will hold a technical-level meeting with Interpol week in Laos this week with the objective of improving the exchange of information on online gambling.

Krishna said that the collaboration could assist in identifying and tracking online gambling operations within Indonesia’s borders. The National Police also plans to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in neighbouring countries.

Krishna said measures had already been implemented in recent months to fight against online gambling, including revoking passports and restricting travel for people suspected of participating in online gambling operations. This week, authorities asked network access point (NAP) service providers to cut off access to internet lines from Cambodia and the Philippines used for online gambling. 

Gambling in Indonesia is illegal for both citizens and foreigners. Anyone found gambling can face severe fines and/or imprisonment.

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