Indian police arrest man over roulette app

A complainant claimed he was cheated out of money.
A complainant claimed he was cheated out of money.

A man has been arrested in the state of Maharashtra after police received a complaint about a suspicious gaming application.

India.- A man named Kailas Shah has been arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal online roulette gambling network and defrauding people in various locations in Nashik, in Maharashtra. According to Outlook India, Shah was arrested by Nashik police after a resident complained that he was defrauded after he downloaded a gaming application to his mobile phone.

After Shah was arrested, police submitted a proposal to the state government for the strict Maharashtra Organised Crime Control Act (MCOCA) to be imposed on him. Shah is alleged to have defrauded young people with online roulette games for the past five to six years.

News of the arrest comes amid speculation about the possible introduction of a regulatory regime for online gaming in India with a regulator to sanction illicit operations. Through the Online Gambling Regulation Act, the government would create a central gambling regulator, the Online Gambling Commission, to oversee the operations of online gambling operators and punish illegal operators.

The regulator would have the power to issue, suspend and revoke licences for online gambling.

In March, the All India Game Federation (AIGF) urged Indian states to take a proactive approach to develop a robust policy framework for the online gaming industry.

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