Imperial Pacific faces new legal battle

Imperial Pacific faces several lawsuits.
Imperial Pacific faces several lawsuits.

Sardini Group, a firm based in New York, has filed a lawsuit against IPI in federal court.

Saipan.- Imperial Pacific International is facing new legal challenges after the Sardini Group, a firm based in New York, filed a lawsuit against IPI in federal court.

The case is for breaching a services contract for more than US$1.9million, and unjust enrichment.

IPI had reportedly hired Sardini to produce engineering designs for the construction of the Imperial Pacific Resort and Casino in Garapan, but ultimately paid only US$100,000 of the total bill of US$2million that was due.

IPI is facing multiple lawsuits in federal court, including pending cases filed by Pacific Rim Land Development, U.S.A. Fanter Corporation, and seven China-based former employees.

The latest legal action comes at the same time as electricity services were cut due to the nonpayment of bills.

The power cut has affected its staff housing units and its also jeopardising IPI employees’ access to safe water supplies.

“We regret that, during the current state of challenges we face, power to the employee housing properties [has] been disconnected,” Vice President of the company, Tao Xing, said in an internal statement.

“We are still in a public health emergency, and hundreds of employees and their families living in intolerable conditions in multiple company housing areas is a concern for our entire community.,” CNMI Representative, Tina Sablan, said.

“I urge the casino commission to take all necessary action to ensure that the immediate problem of utility disconnections and unsanitary conditions at IPI housing is addressed as soon as possible.”

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