Gaming workers association fears Macau casinos could lay off employees

Macau is expected to pass new gaming legislation this month.
Macau is expected to pass new gaming legislation this month.

The New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association is concerned that casinos could lay off employees once they get new licences.

Macau.- Unions and workers remain unconvinced that there will be no mass layoffs following the regulatory changes and new casino licence tender in Macau. Cloee Chao, president of the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association, has told Macau News Agency that casino operators could be waiting to receive new gaming licences before proceeding with plans to lay off workers.

Macau’s current casino concessions were to expire on June 26, but a tender process for renewal has yet to be held due to delays in passing new gaming legislation. As a result, Macau has decided to grant extensions on the current casino licences until December 31. All six of Macau’s casino operators have applied for the extensions.

Chao suggested that the only reason casinos have not laid off staff amid the downturn in business is because they still need to apply for new gaming licences. She added: “I hope that the government will add specific regulations and impose additional conditions when issuing gaming licences, requiring gaming concessionaires not to lay off employees.”

Chao added: “We have already known that this situation may last for two or three years, all employees in the gaming industry, hotels and related industries have expressed great concern and think the problem is very serious.”

Kwok Chi Chung, president of the Macau Association of Gaming and Entertainment Promoters, has said he knows that six to eight satellite casinos are expected to cease operations by the end of June. However, Macau’s chief executive, Ho Iat Seng, has insisted that there will not be a significant impact on employment and said the SAR government is closely monitoring the situation.

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