FDJ acquired software company

The French operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has announced the acquisition of software publisher company Bimedia.

France.- Français des Jeux (FDJ) is going through significant changes this month, as its IPO recently went live and shares rose to the maximum possible price. As part of its recent process, FDJ has announced the acquisition of Bimedia.

Bimedia is a software publisher specialised in payment solutions and point of sale collection. The acquisition would be based on an enterprise value of less than €50 million, Française des Jeux said.

This move allows the French company to improve its payment services, as Bimedia is currently in approximately 6.5k points of sale in France. The transaction is subject to approval from the French Competition Authority.

FDJ’s IPO to bring €2 billion in proceeds

The privatisation of Française des Jeux is set to bring €2 billion in proceeds after its initial public offering (IPO), which was over-subscribed. The €2 billion in proceeds are due to the stock price being set at €19.90, which is the top of the initial price range that the government had set. Investors and individuals have asked for a total of €11 billion of shares, a “spectacular success,” he said, adding that 40% of the titles would be reserved for individuals.

“We decided to increase the share reserved for the private investors from 33% to 40%,” said the minister, who added that those who subscribed less than €2000 euros “will be fully served.”

At the end of the operation, the government will hold 20% of the capital, while individuals will hold more than 21%, Le Monde reported. Veterans will see their position strengthened, while employees of the group will hold between 5% and 7% of shares. In total, “the State, the historic shareholders and the French will own more than 60% of the capital” of the FDJ.

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