AGTech Holdings announces agreement with Galaxy ICC & Arena

Galaxy ICC & Arena is a subsidiary of Galaxy Entertainment Group.
Galaxy ICC & Arena is a subsidiary of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The company will provide services for live music, exhibitions and film festivals for the gaming company in Macau.

Macau.- The lottery service provider AGTech has announced that it has signed a deal with Galaxy ICC & Arena, a subsidiary of Galaxy Entertainment Group, to provide services for concerts, exhibitions and film festivals in Macau. 

The deal, which includes participation from mainland entertainment firms Alibaba Pictures Group and Beijing Damai Cultural Media Development, will run from February 8 until February 7, 2026. Over the three-year period, AGTech will provide marketing, sales support, ticketing management and publicity services and help bring talent from the culture and entertainment industry. 

The partnership allows AGTech to participate in Macau’s cultural and entertainment using Macau Pass, a payments business that AGTech acquired in March of 2022. 

Galaxy Entertainment Group has committed to investing MOP28.4bn (US$3.4bn) over the next 10 years, with 96 per cent of the total going towards non-gaming offerings aimed at foreign visitors. To attract non-Chinese tourists, the company plans to open new overseas offices in Singapore, Thailand and South Korea and launch a series of marketing initiatives targeting Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In terms of non-gaming facilities, GEG announced the development of a 61,000-square-metre amusement park that will integrate multimedia, interactive and multi-sensory technologies. The company will accelerate plans for a 4,000-seat music and performing arts theatre that will host musical events with international artists.

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