1xBet: “The Asian market is the most interesting to us”

1xBet will welcome guests at booth D205.
1xBet will welcome guests at booth D205.

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, a company’s representative reflected on expectations for SiGMA Asia 2024 and the Asian market challenges.

Exclusive interview.- 1xBet has been one of the most active global brands in recent years. The company actively participates in the largest international gambling events. The SiGMA Asia 2024 summit is an excellent occasion to discuss with 1xBet representatives their expectations from it, which is the most important for the brand, as well as to talk about the company’s experience in the region.

You can find the 1xBet booth at the exhibition in section D205. Take the chance to meet and talk with the company’s managers to discuss your questions and new trends.

What are the expectations for SiGMA Asia 2024?

We are confident that the summit will be even more exciting and productive than last year. Such events provide an excellent opportunity to communicate with old partners and meet new ones. It also lets us spot industry trends, evaluate promising areas, and get energised by the forum.

Seeing SiGMA attract more participants each year highlights the market’s competitiveness and motivates you to keep improving and moving forward. Luckily, we can do it, and winning the Best Payment Provider 2024 category proves it.

At SiGMA Americas, 1xBet proposed an innovative networking experience. Will you replicate it at SiGMA Asia?

Our team always strives to provide a unique experience and offer potential audiences the opportunity to maximise the cooperation potential with the brand. We create a unique booth for each event, and the Manila Summit will be no exception. 

1xBet is the place where players and affiliates are surprised and delighted. This also applies to visitors to international events of this level. We try to involve even the most sophisticated pros. Come to the 1xBet booth—we have surprises and plenty to discuss.

“We create a unique booth for each event, and the Manila summit will be no exception.” 


What will attendees be able to discover at the booth?

As always, visitors will be welcomed by bright and aesthetically appealing decorations. And, of course, you’ll have the chance to meet our team in person and discuss any questions you may have. We are as open as possible to new things, and at the same time, we are ready to share our experience, and, as you can believe, we have a lot to tell you.

How does 1xPartners’ affiliate program perform in Asia?

We operate in several dozen Asian countries. The steady growth in partner numbers indicates that the partner program works quite effectively. Yet, we are always looking for new methods and approaches to cooperation, adapting them to the Asian market and its unique sub-regions.

Do they have any new sports sponsorship in mind in Asia following the appointment of Kai Sotto as brand ambassador?

We are always open to new partnerships that bring mutually beneficial results. It is important to remember that in such cooperation, it is not only about the fame of the athlete or club but also about whether they correspond to the values of our company: the desire to be the best, to lead, and to be honest with the fans.

1xBet cooperates not only with stars but also with those who are only striving to reach the heights of sports. Each partnership plays a key role in increasing our brand awareness and strengthening our position in the industry. This applies not only to Asia but to other markets as well. 

“Each partnership plays a key role in increasing our brand awareness and strengthening our position in the industry.”


What are the main challenges and opportunities posed by the Asian market for the company?

The Asian market is of maximum interest to us. We see huge prospects for 1xBet’s development here. Asia has a population of over 4.5 billion people, and sports are widely loved across the region. Of course, as a global betting brand, we must develop in this continent as well.

At the same time, we consider the region’s specific features while applying our expertise here. 1xBet operates on all continents, and naturally, we have the opportunity to adapt our experience to the Asian market. The result is a unique cross-enrichment of knowledge. SiGMA Asia 2024 is a great opportunity to make this expertise even more exciting and share it with our partners.

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