UKGC calls for acceleration of consumer protection process

The commission is inviting stakeholder views to accelerate consumer protections in the territory.

UKGC sets new rules for online operators

The commission has revealed new online gambling rules  to make the industry safer.

UKGC issues warning about use of NDAs

The commission issued a warning as it said that a number of licensees have been using NDAs.

UK govt considers ban on credit card gambling

The government is considering a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling activity.

Secretary of State makes UKGC reappointment

Trevor Pearce has been reappointed for a second term of four years to the board of the UKGC.

UKGC discusses new national strategy

The gambling commission reported that it is developing a new national strategy to reduce gambling harms.

UKGC to investigate unlicensed gambling streams

The commission is working with Twitch in order to prevent unlicensed sites being advertised on the platform.

UKGC launches new services

The commission announced a new application service for Personal Functional Licences.

UKGC fines online casino operators

The commission is taking widespread regulatory action against online casino operators and senior management.

UKGC publishes report on gambling trends

The commission said that there is a need for stronger partnerships to protect children.

UKGC appoints new Chair for the RGSB

The regulatory body from the UK has appointed a new Chair for the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.

UKGC checks gambling licences

The commission along with a local team checked licensed premises in Burnham and other areas.