Philippines security

Philippines to respond security claims

The government of Philippines is set to protect the tourism industry by implementing further security measures.


Bermuda island prepares its casino for 2018

Further international casino brands and investors are assessing potential business in the Bermuda market under the new legislation.

North Korea would host a casino

The controversial leaders of North Korea made public their intentions to operate a touristic casino cruise ship with foreign investments.

New casino for Schenectady 

After a year of construction, the new Schenectady casino will open its doors.

South Korea to become the next Asian gaming hub

Macau is losing the tourists’ interest and the industry aims to the neighbour country.

Tourists poured into Macau, yet gambling revenues didn’t improve

Due to the Lunar New Year holiday, mainland tourists visited Macau in large numbers, but casino revenues are still down.

Macau keeps falling

Tourism politics are seeking new countries to be tempted with casino attractions, as well as national or international middle class people.


Tigre de Cristal Casino boosts Russian tourism

Primorye saw an increase of 18.5 percent in the number of tourists visiting the gaming zone after the casino’s opening in October.