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us online poker

More US Senators go against online poker

A group of GOP Senators have sent a letter to the US Deputy Attorney General requesting the 2011 reinterpretation of the Wire Act to be overturned.

europe shared poker liquidity

Europe embraces shared poker liquidity

The agreement between European jurisdictions related to shared online poker liquidity has taken effect.

online poker michigan

Michigan online poker bill moves forward

The Michigan House Regulatory Committee has voted in favour of the online poker bill and sent it to the House floor.

new jersey shared liquidity

NJ agrees to share liquidity with Nevada and Delaware

New Jersey’s governor confirmed that the the state agreed to share poker liquidity with Nevada and Delaware.

online poker australia

Californian poker is still on pause

The legislative session ended last week in California and the state congress hasn’t moved forward with the poker project.

new jersey poker october

France reveals details on shared poker liquidity

France, Spain, Italy and Portugal have signed an international agreement on online poker shared liquidity.

detroit casinos revenue

Michigan to discuss new online gambling bill

A House Committee from the Wolverine State will hold a hearing to discuss online poker today.

Australia iGaming

Australian Senate bans iGaming

The Senate of Australia has passed the bill that prohibits online casinos and poker services.

online poker australia

Online poker companies to flee Australia

As legislation tightens, online poker giants will soon cease to operate in Australia, where the sector was unregulated until now.