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Batumi is a perfect platform for investing in gambling business. Within the conference, one will discuss topics that every gambling owner is concerned about: from taxation to gambling license obtaining in Batumi.

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Turkey intensifies illegal gambling crackdown

The country is introducing a restriction on money transfers and ATMs withdrawing to tighten control over illegal gambling.

India illegal gambling

India busts illegal bookies

The Indian authorities have cracked down an illegal betting operation involving briefcase set ups to take bets from clients.

Illegal operations compromise PCSO

The PCSO has discovered that it is losing a third of its revenue to illegal operations.

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Illegal gambling reduces profitability

Illegal gambling is considered as one of the biggest problems operators face in the Philippines.

sweden gaming

Unlicensed operations exposed in Sweden

The Swedish regulated market is losing players to illegal online gaming operations.

UKGC blocks criminal activities

Criminal behavior related to gaming industry is being debunked by a governmental joint venture.

philippines illegal gambling

PNP to go after illegal gambling

Philippine National Police chief warned all police regional directors that he’ll relieve them if they don’t clear out gambling dens in 15 days.

Illegal gambling fight in the Philippines

The PCSO has threatened to reduce part of the revenue that the agency gets from gambling due to apparent lack of actions.

India sports betting

India to copy UK’s sports betting system

Even though it may take a long time to legalise online betting in India, the Sports Ministry has reportedly begun trying to frame a legislation for it.

Penang state links denied by Chief Minister.

Penang state denies links to unlicensed gambling

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has denied all possible connections between the Penang state government and unlicensed gambling.