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GGR to grow in Singapore

Fitch Ratings estimated that gaming gross revenue is likely to grow in Singapore in 2018.

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GGR increased in Macau

Gaming gross revenue increased in Macau during the second week of November and achieved better results than expected.

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October GGR to grow in Macau

Brokerage Bernstein agrees that gaming gross revenue will grow between 13 and 15 percent in October.

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Macau GGR to rise in October

Gross gaming revenue Macau is estimated to increase despite a slower start to Golden Week.

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GGR growth slows in Macau

For the second consecutive month gross gaming revenue growth slowed down in Macau.

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Macau GGR experiences slight increase

Higher VIP hold rate developed into ADR recovering week-on-week in Macau during last week’s operations.

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Macau GGR to slow during fourth quarter

Analysts estimate that a slow VIP demand could decrease growth during the fourth quarter of the year.

Italiy gross gaming revenues

Italy increases gross gaming revenues

As gross gaming revenues increased month-to-month, market share is changing significantly in Italy.

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GGR to stay the same in Macau

Analysts estimate that the Typhoon Hato and Pakhar could cause a weaker GGR result for August but not a permanent impact.

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Macau’s August GGR gets reviewed

Monthly estimates for gross gaming revenue in Macau have been reviewed by analysts after the most recent week.

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Macau’s August GGR likely to increase

Brokerages estimate that gross gaming revenue in Macau is likely to grow 22 percent in August.


GGR to grow in the Philippines

A new report revealed that the Philippines’ gross gaming revenue is set to grew 26 percent year-on-year.