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Georgia gambling supporters hope for 2019 legislation

Supporters of pari-mutuel and casino gambling in the Peach State are pushing to include a legislation during next year’s General Assembly session.

Georgia Gaming Congress

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Georgia inches closer to gaming regulation

The Congress of Georgia State will debate this year a project to regulate the gaming industry.

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Georgia Lottery to get new director

The lottery from the Peach State is set to introduce a new director on January 1, as the current one is retiring.

georgia gambling legislation

Georgian council supports gambling legislation

Some of the members that integrate the Columbus City Council in Georgia support the legislation that would legalise gambling in the state.

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Georgia reconsiders online ban

Georgian parliamentarians were urging the government to ban online gambling in the country but it seems that’s not going to happen.

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Georgia casino laws at risk

Leading GOP candidates for Georgia’s gurbernatorial race advanced they’ll oppose casino gambling legalisation in the state.

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Georgia mulls online gambling ban

The European country is considering a total prohibition of online gambling as part of a regulatory crackdown.

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Georgia’s GOP committee against casinos

Republicans in the state passed by a wide margin a resolution that is against casinos and horse racing in Georgia.