“G2E has catapulted Ortiz Gaming into the future”

(Exclusive interview).- Alejandro Ortiz describes to Focus Gaming News how Ortiz Gaming conquered G2E.

“TransAct is truly a global player”

(Exclusive interview).- Tracey Chernay revealed to Focus Gaming News the company’s successful results.

G2E evaluates September’s show

The 2016’s Global Gaming Expo increased 7 percent in comparison with 2015.

“G2E was the right jumping board to give us a good kick off”

(Exclusive interview).- The most successful ETG brand talked with Focus Gaming News about the industry’s development.

“G2E 2016 was truly a milestone event for Konami”

(Exclusive interview).- Konami Gaming shares with Focus Gaming News its experience at G2E.

Cammegh enjoyed its best G2E

Manufacturers of the finest roulette wheels worldwide participated at 2016’s G2E in Las Vegas.

Ortiz Gaming reported G2E results

Ortiz Gaming attended last week at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Konami released product diversity at G2E

The major casino gaming manufacturer presented next generation products.

Ortiz Gaming inside industry’s top ten

The leading video bingo provider has earned its spot at the top ten of gaming industry.

“Income Access is currently focusing on bringing more transparency”

(Exclusive interview).- Nicky Senyard talked with Focus Gaming News about the current situation of the biggest markets in the world, and unveils the company’s upcoming projects.

G2E 2016 finishes today

Las Vegas reunion of major gaming companies and regulators will conclude tonight.

Ortiz Gaming reinvents Video Bingo

This week Ortiz Gaming is showcasing its video bingo products at booth #4444 at G2E.